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DARE | Dignified & Respectful Endings 

End of life cycle

The logo and brand visual identity symbolising the closure and culmination of life’s journey. Reflecting the imperfect nature of existence, the hand-drawn circle takes center stage as a prominent element in the logo. With its bumps and downs, it represents the ebb and flow of life, eventually forming a perfect circle—a recognizable symbol of completion. It embodies the essence of life with all its ups and downs, ultimately leading to its natural conclusion.


The logo features a bold font and the placement of the tagline intentionally disrupts expectations, echoing the imperfections found in life itself. To evoke warmth and tranquility, I have chosen earthy tones, creating a relaxed ambiance. This combination of clean typography and hand-drawn elements conveys the balance between structure and spontaneity, mirroring the complexities and unpredictability of life.


I prioritized authentic human expression over pretense. Photos focus on capturing genuine emotions, portraying the reality and vulnerability experienced at the end of life. By doing so, I honor the authenticity of the human experience and emphasize the importance of connecting with others on a profound and compassionate level.




Palliative Care Victoria

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