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Design Assembly illustrations

In 2020 Design Assembly published Field Guide 2020: COVID Response & You. The guide was designed to provide insight into how NZ’s creative community is navigating the COVID response, the nature of design practice in Aotearoa today, and an interrogation of hopes for the future and opportunities that have arisen from flux.


Lucie was asked to create four illustrations for the project, which includes research findings, interviews, essays and podcasts. Three of the images were required to depict the core theme of an article, while the fourth was an illustration of team members who worked on the Field Guide.


The full report can be viewed on the Design Assembly website.




Design Assembly

The images include (top to bottom):

  • Navigating new realities, showing levels of consciousness and how subjective or abstract they can be.

  • Workplace revolution, where she used a partly abstract visual language which depicts a group of people building something unknown or uncertain together with a focus was on collective approach rather than individual.

  • Team members

  • Growing the future designer - a depiction how we can grow new designers in a post-COVID world via an exaggerated and humorous image.

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