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EatKinda is a plant-based food company founded by Mrinali Kumar and Jenni Matheson. This project was created at Ocean Design based in Wellington, a design company committed to Aotearoa’s sustainable future.


This delicious, creamy ice cream is made with cauliflower. It’s vegan and you won’t find any dairy, gluten, nuts, soy or palm oil.


As the leading designer on this project, my primary challenge was to create a brand that stands out while remaining appealing to a diverse audience of food enthusiasts.


Brand Identity

Brand guidelines, Packaging


Eat Kinda


Ocean Design,


Kinda Logo

The essence of our brand identity revolves around the concept of 'Kinda Heroes.' These are the individuals who strive to make the world a better place through small acts of everyday kindness. They are both 'kinder' heroes and 'kind of' heroes, demonstrating that true strength lies in their ability to be compassionate and considerate.


Our heroes don't need capes; they're ordinary people doing extraordinary things through the power of kindness.


This philosophy shapes the core of our visual identity, showcasing vibrant and dynamic elements that capture the essence of both playfulness and purpose. The branding communicates a sense of positivity, empathy, and hope, reflecting EatKinda's commitment to not only providing delicious plant-based treats but also fostering a community that contributes to positive change.

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