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Feels like Pump

Lucie was briefed by agency DDB Aotearoa to create graphics for their new Pump Water ‘Feels like’ Out Of Home billboard campaign.


What does Pump feel like?


It’s that buzz of energy and rehydration you get when you take a sip, which can turn an average day to awesome.






Watermark Creative,

DDB Aotearoa

Pump Skater
Pump Dancer

Set against a black and white urban background, Lucie’s bold, abstract splashes of colour highlight the vitality of Pump’s natural spring water. Key to the campaign was ensuring that the graphic shapes would draw the viewer’s eye around the model to the bottle of Pump water, making it a focal point. Lucie enjoyed exploring how the shapes interacted with the models, and how they could add to the graphic interpretation of hydration.

Lucie used both her illustration and design expertise throughout the project, as she navigated detailed rounds of feedback and a need for the graphics to be flexible enough to work in both landscape and portrait format.


The end result is a range of spirited and dynamic images that showcase Lucie’s bold style and graphic expertise.

Behind the scene

Pump Wall
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